What are Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian volume is a new technique developed in Russia which has now spread to the US AND EUROPE.
By using super lightweight lashes we can add more than 1 lash to each existing lash – normally 2-6 lashes depending on the client. This is added in a fan shape to give a full fluffy volume look compared to single thicker lashes.

Russian Volume lashes are perfect for everyday wear, events, weddings or holidays.

This is an advanced skilled technique therefore each set takes from 1.5-2.5 hours to apply. We make sure not to overload your natural lashes but instead create maximum volume.
Russian Volume is not the same as party lashes or cluster lashes, they are applied differently and are much lighter.

We at POLISHED are loving Russian Volume and so are many of our clients!
Most if not all lash clients have now switched to the fluffy fullness of Russian Volume.

Our Russian Volume clients can expect lashes to last up to 5 weeks, we recommend to maintain the fullness of your lash look, regular maintenance from 2-4 weeks.

Have beautiful fluffy lashes all year round!

You can wake up with gorgeous lashes, skip the mascara, and go!

Natural Volume Set £50
Russian Volume Set £60
Glamour Russian Volume Set £69.50

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